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9 September 2011

WUDC Berlin DCA Application

From Doug and Sharmila:
To the Global Debating Community,
Greetings from WUDC Berlin 2013!
Preparations for the 2013 World Championships are moving apace, as many of our hotel contracts, social venues, and funding arrangements are being finalised.
The next step in our preparations is the recruitment of Deputy Chief Adjudicators to serve alongside us in training judges, setting motions, and generally managing the adjudication of the tournament.
In brief, we’re looking to build the strongest possible team for Berlin Worlds; we’re looking for candidates who can provide the experiences, skills, and perspectives that we can’t.
As promised during our campaign, at least one Deputy Chief Adjudicator will be a non-native English speaker, eligible for either the ESL or EFL break, according to current WUDC rules.
We’re looking for candidates with the following abilities.
1)     Organisational Ability: Is the candidate a capable administrator and organiser?  Do they work well as part of team?  When part of adjudication teams, do they rank, promote, and break judges on the basis of merit?
2)     Skill as an Adjudicator: Is this person a top adjudicator, scrupulous in reaching the correct decision and willing to invest time in quality feedback?
3)     Skill as a Motion-Setter: Does the candidate set motions that are fair and fun to debate? 
Candidates should complete the attached application in full.
Applicants should send each application to BOTH: and, and applications must be received by the end of 30th September 2011 (CEST) in order to be considered.
We reserve the right to extend the time window for the application process, but we do not intend or expect to do so.
Immediately thereafter, we will publish a full list of all applicants and solicit feedback from the global debating community as to their suitability to serve as DCAs.
Feedback should be sent to BOTH and and should speak to the candidates’ suitability according to the criteria we have outlined earlier.
Very Best of Luck!
-Sharms and Doug

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