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28 September 2011

Monash AWDC 2011‏ Results

A big congratulations is in order for UQ 1′s Kristen Price and Emily Chalk for winning the Grand Final!

A video of their exploits is online now! Watch it here.

The full Speaker Rankings and Team Standings are now available, and you can see the top speakers from the tournament below. Please note that the tab does not account for ironmanning or replacement swing debaters, and they have simply been incorporated into the main speaker score.

Opening Gov USU 2
Opening Opp Monash 6
Closing Gov USU 1
Closing Opp UQ 1

Semi Finals
Semi 1 USU 1 USU 2 Monash 3 Melbourne 2
Semi 2 UQ 1 Monash 6 USU 5 USU 4

Top Speakers
Ninth – Sasha Lytas, Brontë Lambourne and Rebecca Barrett
Eighth – Alex Downie
Seventh – Emily Chalk
Sixth – Gemma Buckley
Fifth – Colette Mintz and Kristin Price
Third – Kelly Butler and Nina Ubaldi
First – Joanna Connolly 

Grand Final: This house believes that the feminist movement should adopt the word slut.
Semi Final: This house would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate sexual abuse within the Catholic Church
Rd 6: This house would refuse to uphold confidential out-of-court settlements
Rd 5: That this house would oust the Karzai administration
Rd 4: This house supports democratic education.
Rd 3: This House would redistribute, aggressively and without compensation, all land taken from black South Africans during apartheid.
Rd 2: This house believes that, in times if economic crisis, economic bodies should withhold information that may damage market confidence.
Rd 1: That this House would never prosecute child soldiers for crimes committed during war.

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  1. Anonymous8:24 am


    i believe Kelly and Nina were equal 2nd best speakers, and that Colette and Kristen were equal 4th best speakers.


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