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23 August 2011

Sydney win UNSW IV

The University of Sydney Union (USU) team of Ed Miller and Annie Gribble have won the University of New South Wales IV 2011. In the final they defeated UNSW (Angela Kintominas and Sean Lawson), Sydney (Joseph Ware and Sara Smylie) and  Monash (Duncan Wallace and Nicole Franklin).

The top speaker was Ed Miller from Sydney

The tab is available at

R1 This house regrets the extrajudicial killing of Voldemort
R2 This house believes the world would be better without any states
R3 This house believes that politics is broken
R4 This house would not allow sentient exterrestrial aliens to be citizens of any state on the Earth
R5 This house believes that it should never be illegal to publish an intention to commit a crime
Semi-Finals This house believes that the world will lose the fight against climate change
Final This house would spend baby spend

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