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12 August 2011

Oxford win European Debating Championships

Oxford A (Ben Woolgar and Hugh Burns) have won the 2011 European Debating Championships

They won by defeating TCD Hist, Durham and Cambridge in the final on the motion that this house believes that the state should pay reparations to women.

The result was on a 6-3 split decision after 4 hours of deliberation by the Adjudicators.

Top Speaker at the championships was Catherine Murphy from Trinity College Dublin Historical Society.

Tel Aviv A (Omer Nevor and Sella Nevo) won the English as a Second Language Competition with Sella Nevo also the top ranked ESL speaker on the Speaker tab. The Motion for the ESL final held earlier today was This house believes God Exists.

As expected Belgrade was ratified as the hosts of the 2012 Championships.  Stephen Nolan was elected as the Chair of European Council for the next year.

Thanks to the various tweeters on twitter for updates during the tournament but special word of thanks to the team at Achte Minute for the best live coverage.

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  1. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Any word on any videos of the outrounds/ final? Its awful that there was no livestream or vids


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