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5 August 2011

EUDC Council - Text of the Invitation

Here's the full text of the invitation - I kept on getting notes that it did not go through the facebook group even after the second attempt. Please pass it on...



EUDC Council
Invitation for pre-Council and Council in Galway

Dear EUDC Council delegates,

this is the invitation for both pre-Council and Council in Galway.

Best, and see you really soon,


Below, you find information on the basic points:

1. Meeting times
2. Issues (Agenda)
3. Postponed issues.

Before that, a few remarks:

a. If you are not a country delegate or VP anymore, please do two things: (1) Let me know at, and (2) please forward this information to your new country delegate or VP.

b. As far as my information goes, the following countries are present in Galway (in alphabetical order):

Austria, Croatia, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Macedonia, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Wales

Should we be missing anyone, please also let us know.

c. If you have anything to add to the points below, please let me know at - and I will happily add this to the agenda.

d. Please note that any motions for Council need to be in WRITTEN form, and enough copies present on site for all delegates. Also, we will pre-announce discussions times for all agenda items. Obviously, Council has the power to prolong these discussions, but we take the prerogative of speeding things up a bit.

e. Documents (reports etc.) will be available for download by tomorrow.

So here we go:

1. Meeting times

The schedule for EUDC has been posted here:

Currently, pre-Council to sort out eligibility and other vital questions for the competition is planned for

Sunday, August 7th (Arrivals day) at 7 p.m. and will not last more than an hour.

Bid presentations and Q&A are planned for Monday, August 8th, 9 p.m.

Council is planned to begin on Friday, August 12th, at 8.30 a.m.

PLEASE NOTE: These times may be subject to change, please look out for notices at registration.

2. Issues

Currently, these questions are scheduled for discussion:

- Who should host EUDC 2012?
- Who should be the Committee members for next year? The way it stands, currently the positions of President, Registrar and Secretary are up for election.
- Should we move to a two years in advance bid cycle?
- Should Council advise or mandate that Committee members receive sponsorship for attending Euros?
- Do we need changes in the ESL rules?
- What are our agenda items for Worlds?
- Reports

3. Postponed issues

Unless this is moved by anyone, we will not be deciding or officially discussing the previously announced Constitutional overhaul. The reason is simple: The WUDC constitution also faces grave changes, and since it is our standing policy that Euros follows Worlds, we would be doubling the work if we decided anything this year. Also, it will save us a whole lot of work.

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