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21 July 2011

World Online Debating Championships - the draw‏

I'm delighted to announce that the draw for the WODC is below

All debates start at 12 noon GMT.  The first of the two teams listed will be the Proposition.

If you haven't sent us your Debatewise usernames please do so now.  Time is running short (this means you: Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, England, Israel, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Scotland, USA1 and USA2, Venezuela and Zimbabwe).


First round
Monday 1st August
1: Latvia vs. Brazil, 
2: USA 2 vs. Uzbekistan

Tuesday 2nd August
3: Mongolia vs. Czech Republic, 
4: Scotland vs. Nepal

Wednesday 3rd August
5: Lithuania vs. Canada, 
6: Rwanda vs. Australia

Thursday 4th August
7: Bangladesh vs. Colombia, 
8: USA 1 vs. Venezuela

Friday 5th August
9: Belgium vs. Pakistan 2, 
10: Zimbabwe vs. Pakistan 1

Saturday 6th August
11: China vs. Mexico, 
12: Trinidad and Tobago vs Malaysia

Sunday 7th August
13: Republic of Korea vs. Romania, 
14: Mongolia 2 vs. England

Monday 8th August
15: Nigeria vs. Macedonia, 
16: Kenya vs. Israel

Round II
Monday 15th August
17: Winner 1 vs. Winner 2, 
18: Winner 3 vs. Winner 4

Tuesday 16th August
19: Winner 5 vs. Winner 6, 
20: Winner 7 vs. Winner 8

Wednesday 17th August
21: Winner 9 vs. Winner 10, 
22: Winner 11 vs Winner 12

Thursday 18th August
23: Winner 13 vs. Winner 14, 
24: Winner 15 vs. Winner 16

Quarter Finals
Monday 29th August
QF1: Winner 17 vs. Winner 18

Tuesday 30th August
QF2: Winner 19 vs Winner 20

Wednesday 31st August
QF3: Winner 21 vs. Winner 22

Thursday 1st September
QF4: Winner 23 vs. Winner 24

Semi Finals
Monday 12th September
SF1: Winner QF1 vs. Winner QF2
Tuesday 13th September
SF2: Winner QF3 vs. Winner QF4

Monday 26th September
Final: Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2

Announcement of the Winner of the World Online Debating Championship Monday 3rd October

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