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26 July 2011

South African NUDC 2011

About two weeks late but here are the results of the recently held South African National Championships

Champions: UCT ("Warlord")    (Matthew Butler-Adams & Daniel Kaliski)

ESL Champions: WITS ("New Moon")    (Leon Jamie Mithi & Tlhalefo Mphuthi)

Best speaker    Matthew Butler-Adams    UCT   

Best ESL speaker    Sbu Tshabalala    UFS   
Best new speaker    Tristan von Zahn    UCT    
Best judge    Mark Schoeman    UCT   
Best new judge    Fran Favero    Rhodes   
Best judging institution    Rhodes   

You can find the tab at 

1. TH supports Walmart's expansion into Africa
2. THW create a regulated market for rhino horn
3. TH regrets the partition of Sudan
4. THW expropriate land without compensation
5. THW prevent parents whose children have been taken into protective care from raising future children
6. THBT the AU should support NATO's stance on Libya
7. THW force abortions for foetuses at risk of terminal conditions
8. THW frack the Karoo
9. THW pay Afghani citizens NOT to fight for the Taliban
ESL Octo: THW give Constitutional Court judges life terms
QF: THW allow rate payers to opt out of any public service and form private alternatives
SF: THW join the SlutWalk
ESL Final: THW regard state sponsored cyber attacks as acts of war
Final: THBT "I was only following orders" is a legitimate defence in an International Criminal Tribunal

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