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8 July 2011

Australs 2011 Round 1 & 2 motions & Pairings

Motions for Round 1 of the 2011 Austral Asian Debating Championships

That sporting teams should not tour nations of match-fixers
TWS legalise all performance engancing drugs in sport
That we should restrict access to international competitions for nations which abuse their athletes

You can view the pairings here
Motions for round 2:
That a fixed amount of development aid should be allocated to microcredit schemes
That developing nations should embrace medical tourism
That the World Bank and IMF chairs should selected on a rotational regional basis

You can view the pairings here

You can follow twitter comments on the event and results at #koreaaustrals2011 or #australs2011

The official website is posting a summary of events at  That's where I found much of this info.  I have re-posted it here for future reference.
The UNSW2 - Monash 1 Round is being broadcast on Logan's UStream

Live Streaming by Ustream

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