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10 June 2011

Last chance to register for WODC

Hi everybody,
Your last and final chance to register for the WODC ends today.
We extended the deadline to give you more time to find teams, apply for a bursary and/or start your ad-hoc car washing business to generate the registration fee. But to be fair to all concerned we do have to close the door sometime and tomorrow is that time.

So please, if you want to take part tell me now. Don't wait for a better time, don't put this in your 'must-get-round-to-soon' folder, you know the folder you never get round to. Simply email me with your details and your money or your reasons why you deserve a bursary and a great summer of learning and laughter will ensue.

BTW, you will have to send money by Paypal and we can't promise the laughter. But we can promise the learning. Oh there'll be lots of that.

Thank you,


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