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3 June 2011

Israel's National Championship Results

This week the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev hosted Israel's National Championships:

Winners: Haifa B (Meir Yarom & Edo Rosenblum)
Best Speaker: Maya Boursi (IDC A)

Finalist :
IDC A (Maya Boursi & Itsik Zarfati)
TLV A (Omer Nevo & Sella Nevo)
BGU F (Yonatan Hunger & Schachar Langbeheim)

This tournament's CA was Lior Hadas, his DCAs were Shiri Noyman, Anat Paz and Michael Shapira.

The motions: (Translated from Hebrew)

Round 1: THW ban lobbyists.
Round 2: THW consider the sexual history of the complainant in sexual assault cases.
Round 3: THW bar Sons and daughters of IDF bereaved families from combat duty
Round 4: THW ban paid super natural advice.
Round 5: THW only subsidize academic degrees that financially benefit the state.
Round 6: THW condition all plea bargains to victim's connect.
Semi: THW will publish the pictures from the Itamar terrorist attacks.
Final: THW cancel all anti-smoking law except those that relate to selling to minors.

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