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15 June 2011

German Debating Championship Results

On the pentecostal weekend, the DebatingClub Heidelberg of the time-honoured University of Heidelberg hosted the German Language Debating Championship. The format of this year's Championship was Offene Parlamentarische Debatte (OPD), or open parliamentary debate.

Winners: Debattiergesellschaft Jena (Severin Weingarten, Moritz Niehaus, Clemens Lechner)
Best Speaker by points: Severin Weingarten
Best Speaker elected by the honourary adjudication panel: Free Speaker Lukas Haffert (St. Gallen)
Finalists: Streitkultur Tübingen (Pauline Leopold, Steffen Jenner, Dominic Hildebrand)
Free Speakers (a characteristic speaker position in the format of OPD): Tom-Michael Hesse (Leipzig), Nicolas Eberle (Mainz), Lukas Haffert (St. Gallen)

This tournament's CAs were Gudrun Lux, Jan Lüken, Marcus Ewald and Tim Richter.

The motions: (Translated from German)
Round 1: Should we prohibit begging?
Round 2: Do we need a mandatory reference of real names on the internet?
Round 3: Do we need state-run control of the mineral oil markets?
Round 4: Should Antigone bury Polyneices?
Round 5: Should Belgium be split up?
Round 6: Should we abandon the international war on drugs?
Octos: Does the European Central Bank need a veto on the government budget of Euro countries?
Quarters: Should Wikiepedia become UNESCO World Heritage?
Semis: Do we need a European Marshall Plan for North Africa?
Final: Should laws generally be determinable?

Anja Pfeffermann
on behalf of the Achte Minute editorial team


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    Round 4 topic is amazing! Nice

  3. Watch the Grand Final of the German National Debating Championship online here:


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