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22 June 2011

Announcement from ADI


The Asian Debate Institute (ADI) is pleased to announce our list of trainers for ADI Summer 2011 in Korea! Represented among this list are the adjudication cores of 5 Worlds, 5 Australs and at least 8 Asian Championships! Some of their profiles are already on the ADI website (, others will be up there soon. We might also be adding some trainers!

In no particular order, your trainers will be
Tim Sonnreich
Ahyoung Kim
Suthen Tate Thomas
Sharmila Parmanand
Kim Namchul
Angie Goh Szeying
Hyewon Rho
Christy Bradley
Jason Jarvis
Jan Galas
Yaman Verma
Son Jiyoon
Toshi Ikehara
Sarabeth Trujillo
Yu Minjae

To register, visit  and if you have any questions or comments, contact us by going to

The Organizing committee would like to remind everyone that regular registration is untill 18th of July and starting that day untill the 1st of August is late registration.

If anyone has any questions regarding the ADI please feel free to e-mail anyone from our orgcom.

Best Regards
Taeyeong Kim
ADI Director

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