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19 May 2011

Updates from UADC 2011

The Round 2 motions from UADC 2011 were
R2 Motions:

1.THBT copyright of visual media belongs to the subject and not the photographer
2.TH would build a national DNA database
3.TH would ban the collection and sale of location and usage information by smartphone companies.
After the tab problems yesterday round 3 had to be delayed until today so today will be a busy day.
Round 3 motions:
1. TH would ban adult entertainment from casinos.
2. THBT it is wrong to raise money for social welfare through natioinal lotteries.
3. TH would remove all sin taxes.
They are already onto round 4
1.THBT countries which pollute common watrs should lose their Exclusive Economic Zones
2.TH would not grant citizenship at birth to the children of foreigners on domestic soil
3.TH would pay the militaries of other states to fight our battles
You can watch some of the debates live on

And now onto round 5
1.TH believes that doctor should never lie to their patients, even for their own good
2.TH celebrates the willingness of women to be 'sluts'
3.TH would allow individuals to purchase behavior-modfiying drugs without prescription


And now Round 6
1. THBT China should leave the WTO

2. THBT China should support the unification of the two koreas
3. THBT China should actively incentivize celebrities and public figures who are non citizen ehtnic Chinese to naturalise

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