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18 May 2011

UADC 2011 about to start

If you are waking up and wondering how things are going at UADC.  Well they have not started yet.  Apparently (from twitter etc) the number of teams were greater than the tab system could hold and the council made some changes to the margin (increased from 12 to 15).  I'm not sure what that last one means but the two issues meant the Tab system had to be re-written which caused the start of the tournament to be delayed.  But they seem to be still planning to hold 3 rounds today.

So if you want to watch some debates they will be starting shortly (just after 7am UK) on

R1.M1.TH would not allow minors to be involved in politics
R1.M2.TH would scrap the government pension system
R1.M3.TH house regrets the practice of 'tiger' parenting

One blog that seems to be reporting from the tournament is
Of course you can also follow updates on twitter via the #UADC2011 tag.

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