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14 May 2011

SA Nationals Reg and Training Site Issues‏

Dear Debating Community
We understand that many institutions have been having problems registering and acquiring training material for Nationals 2011 on We would sincerely like to apologise if you have experienced problems with the site.

As part of our sponsorship agreement, the registration and training site was contracted out to a web development company who were tasked with setting up the reg system and training portal. They assured us that the site would be functional when registration opened, however a number if unexpected errors have appeared as institutions have tried to register, and the training portal is not yet functional.

We are doing our best to highlight the urgency and importance of getting the site working as we intended, and are communicating problems to the web development team as soon as we receive them. Unfortunately, as we are not directly involved in the web development, we can only relay information on to you as we receive it from the developers, and we have been forced to wait for them to fix the errors and get back to us.

We are doing our best to ensure that the site becomes fully functional as soon as possible, and were today again assured by the developers that they were working on the last of the bugs, and that they should be sorted out very soon.

This has obviously impacted the availability of training material as we promised to provide. We have quite a bit of material ready to upload, but no site to upload to yet. This should also be rectified very soon. As we plan for the site to availible for access beyond Nationals 2011, these are are problems we should only have to deal with once.

We will do our best to keep you informed of the progress, and we are hoping that all will be fully functional soon.

Thanks again for your patience.

Stephen Thompson, Katherine Harding and Debby Nixon

Nationals 2011

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