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3 May 2011

Registration is open for the 3rd WODC‏

We are proud to announce that registration is open for the 3rd World Online Debating Championships. Thirty two teams from all over the world will compete in a knockout tournament, debating anything from pre-nuptial agreements, through European tax law, all the way to denying heavy drinkers liver transplants.

Last year (in front of an all-star judging pool) the Czech Republic beat New Zealand in the final. Could your team beat the reigning world champions? Can you impress this year’s top adjudicators? You can team up with anyone: people from the Internet; your school, university or local community; or, for the hard-core, you can compete by yourself.

This year we’ve upgraded our system, tweaked the rules and improved the prizes. We’re expecting all 32 places to be filled by exceptional teams and you could be one of them, with a chance to win the coveted WODC 2011 trophy!

The tournament starts in July and the winners can expect to be involved every two weeks from then until the end of September. This makes it a very tough competition and whoever ends up victorious can take great pride in their achievement.

Entry is $20 per person and capped at $100 per team, though bursaries are available to all deserving applicants.

More information can be found on our site, you can register there too:

We are really looking forward to what will be an exceptional tournament and we hope you can join us.

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