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14 May 2011

DLSU Worlds Reminder‏

Dear World Debate Community,

There are less than 7 days left for you to make your down payments for DLSU Worlds! You may view the google doc to see whether or not we have received your payments.

For those who have yet to make their payments, please indicate in the comments section of the wiring slip (if applicable) the word "Debate" so that the bank and the university's accounting office would know where to forward such payment.

Also, we have received a number of questions regarding payment so we decided to address the common ones here:

1) My bank does not make transactions in Philippine Pesos (PHP), how can I send over my payment?
Our bank generally accepts all currencies and will convert them to Philippine Pesos before depositing it into our account. Transactions made in USD and EUR tend to clear faster than others.

2) If I don't wire over my money in PHP what should I use as basis for the exchange rate?
There are a number of sites online that can provide you with a currency converter. We have also placed one on the homepage of our website ( for easy access. You can use any of these converters to get a ROUGH ESTIMATE of the amount you will have to send over. Once the payment has been cleared by our accounting office, we will inform you of the exact amount received.

3) What if the amount received by your Accounting Office is not enough to cover the 50% balance?
If the amount received covers at least 90% of your expected down payment then the remaining balance may be sent with the second payment. If the payment is less than 90% of the expected amount then we will request for you to make a follow up payment in order to reach the minimum requirement.

4) Can my institution pay in full during the Second Phase?
Yes, you may pay in full at this stage.

For any questions or clarifications, please send an email to or

We look forward to seeing you all in Manila!

Gabriel Romeo Ferriols Pavico
Project Coordinator
De La Salle Worlds

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