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2 March 2011

Register for Galway Euros TODAY!

We would like to remind all institutions that the re-registration for Galway EUDC 2011 will take place Wednesday 2nd March, as has been advertised and previously communicated. The team cap will fill up very quickly therefore we want to be quite clear that registration will open at exactly 12 noon GMT. (12pm Galway, London, Lisbon. 1pm Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin. 2pm Athens, Ankara, Tallinn. 3pm Moscow, Doha) Registration will remain open for only 24 hours on this occasion, as we are confident that this will capture the vast majority of entrants, and that our team cap will be filled within this time. We will be accepting additional teams to the waiting list via emails to this address - only once registration has closed!

Only institutions need register in this first phase as independent judges will be asked to register 2 weeks later on the 16th of March.

As we are conscious of the time factor the details that you will be required to submit have been reduced to 5 so as to make the process as quick as possible. Those details are

- Institution Name
- Country
- Delegate Leaders Name
- Contact Email
- Number of teams and judges registering.

As announced, the team cap will be 200 and 3 teams per institution. Requests for extra teams must be made by email before the 9th of March and will be dealt with after the waiting list has been exhausted. As in previous years, while registration places will be allocated on the basis of the order in which they registered, one team spot will be reserved per eligible country.

Once institutions have successfully registered they will then have 3 weeks to transfer a deposit of €50 per person. This will be a non-refundable mandatory payment and must be made before the 23rd of March. Failure to pay this deposit on time will result in removal from the registration list and waiting teams will be given the opportunity to take the vacant places. Institutions may opt to pay the full amount of €265 per person at this stage if they please. The balance will otherwise need to be paid by the 27th of April.

The registration programme can be accessed through our website and any further details or questions can be addressed to

Once again, I would like to apologise on behalf of the OrgComm of Galway EUDC 2011 for the inconvenience caused by having to re-run registration. We thank you for your understanding.

Nollaig O'Scannlain
Convenor Galway EUDC 2011


  1. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Did it work this time?

  2. As far as I know it did.

  3. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Where can wire transfer details for transfering the deposits be found? (since they are not on EUDC's website)

  4. I expect they will post them shortly in time for the payment phase.


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