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22 March 2011

Israeli Open Championship Results

The Israeli Open Championship (in Hebrew) was held this weekend at the University of Haifa.

Winners: Naty Peral and Rannen Nicola (i, Robot).

Best Speaker: Maya Bousri (IDC A)

OG: Rannen Nicola & Naty Peral (i, Robot)
OO: Itsik Zarfati & Maya Bousri (IDC A)
CG: Mila Finkelshtain & Meir Yarom (Great Expectations)
CO: Omer Nevo & Sella Nevo (Proofs from THE BOOK)

Final panelists were: Michael Shapira (CA) Anat Gelber, Yoni Cohen Idov, Uri Feldman (DCA), Yael Betzalel (DCA), Lior Hadas and Anat Zaidenberg.

1) This Knesset will cap rent in city centres.
2) This Knesset will allow familes with many children to sell babies to those who can no longer have children.
3) This Knesset will hold Israeli debating events on the Sabbath.
Semi: This Knesset will move the entire Isreali education system from Hebrew to English.
Final: This Knesset will forbid Israeli citizens from raising children in areas beyond the seperation fence.

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