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30 March 2011

CUSID National Championships

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From March 18th – 20th the Canadian National Debate Championship was hosted by the University of Western Ontario Debate Society.

Hart House (U of T): (Steven Penner & George Trotter) won the championships defeating University of Alberta (Iain Ireland & Robert Lees-Miller) in the final

Semifinalists were
Dalhousie University (Auyon Siddiq & Ali Cherri)
Hart House (U of T) (Sam Greene & Deirdre Casey)

Quarterfinalists were:
McGill University (Alex Amar & Sean Husband)
Hart House (U of T) (Anisah Hassan & Louis Tsilivis)
Hart House (U of T) (Veenu Goswami & Aidan Fishman)
University of Alberta (Kathleen Elhatton-Lake & Ian Burch)

The novice champions were Dalhousie University (Vinayak Mishra & Casper Macauley) who defeated Hart House (U of T) (Veenu Goswami & Aidan Fishman) in the Novice Final

The Top Speakers were:
1. George Trotter
2. Anisah Hassan
3. Robert Lees-Miller
4. Steven Penner
5. Wudi Wu
6. Sean Husband
7. Ian Burch
8. Alex Amar
9. Kathleen Elhatton-Lake
10. Ali Cherri

The top Novice Speakers were:
1. Veenu Goswami
2. Louis Tsilivis
3. Sarah Balakrishnan

The Top Public Speakers were:
Champion: Husein Panju
2. Alex Amar and Sean Husband
3. Gretchen McCulloch

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