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20 February 2011

Kings Inns win Irish Times 2011

Mark Thuillier winner of the individual award.
 The Kings Inns Team of  Lorcan Price and Áine Hartigan have won the 2011 Irish Times Debating Championships (the Irish Nationals).  The final took place at Griffith College and the motion was "This House would default".

TCD Law (Ross O’Mahony and Mark Thuillier) were runners up in the team competition.  Mark Thuillier also took home the prize for best individual (an award that is open to both team speakers and individual speakers). Janine Ryan (UCD L&H) was the individual runner up.

The final was made up of teams and individuals from TCD, UCD, Dublin City University and Kings Inns.

For more information see the Irish Times article here


  1. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Congrats to TCD and Kings Inns.

    Is it true that one of the UCD teams was from a Commerce Society?

  2. Yes I believe one of the teams was from some sort of a commerce society (certainly that seems to be the case from the Irish Times Article)

  3. Anonymous6:10 am

    Is there a video available?

  4. Given the explosion of debate videos on youtube in the last year or so I would expect it will appear soon. I have a search set up in youtube for debating videos and if it comes up I'll post the details.


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