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17 February 2011

Job: Lecturer & Debate Trainer at University of Vermont‏

There is a job available as a debate lecturer and trainer at the University of Vermont.  UCC Graduate Stephen Boyle has just finished his contract there so it is an opportunity that is open to candidates outside the US and the head of debating Alfred Snider is a good guy to work with.

Stephen Boyle has had a wonderful two years with us, but now he is moving on to the next phase of his life.
So, we seek a replacement. The position is composed of two half-time positions, both of which will be filled by the same person. The position begins Sept. 1 and formal duties end May 15.

-Half-time lecturing at the University of Vermont, mostly teaching classes in basic communication skills like public speaking, although debating is a part of most of our courses. Each class is worth about $4500 each, with two in the Fall and two in the Spring. These are pending sufficient enrollment, but all classes we have offered have made that enrollment limit.

-Half-time coaching and training with our WUDC debate program. This includes several trainings a week and travel to tournaments with our teams. $12,000. Our program has seen a lot of success of late, breaking a team at Worlds, a team in the Yale final, and winning several regional tournaments. We want somebody to help us continue this growth.

There might also be one or two opportunities to teach (each worth $4500) this summer as well, but you would have to be here in Burlington.

You also would have a very nice office in a quaint Tudor mansion where the Lawrence Debate Union is located.

To be eligible for these opportunities, you need:

A degree at the Master's level in some subject we can relate to communication. Let's talk about this if you have questions.

Substantial experience in WUDC debating as a debater, judge, trainer. We aim to perform at the highest levels of WUDC debating and have many talented and enthusiastic students.

We hope to make a decision before the middle of March.

The Lawrence Debate Union has existed since 1899. It is a fully endowed program, meaning we operate off the interest on our endowment, and it has allowed us to have a global program. We are also about to expand our endowment because of generous donations from alumni.

Please send me a letter of intent, a CV and a list of references if you are interested.

I can answer normal questions, but to get an inside look at what the job is like, contact Stephen Boyle at


Alfred Snider

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