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24 February 2011

Galway Euros to hold new registration process

To the Debaters of Europe,

I write this email with great disappointment. The registration process which took place yesterday for EUDC Galway was unfortunately unsuccessful and we must hold a new one.

During registration there was a short window in which the system failed to record entered data such that all those who registered at the time were not oted as having done so. While we have the vast majority of the
participants, owing to the fact that a handful of institutions were left out we feel that the only fair thing to do in this circumstance is to re-run registration. To proceed with the current list of registered teams would not recognise the actual order in which institutions registered and while we know that it will inconvenience many of you to go through the process again we hope that you will accommodate us in the interests of fairness.

We will be running an entirely new registration system, built from the ground up. We want to be sure that this problem will not happen again. As such we have moved the date of registration on the new system to Wednesday March the 2nd at 12 noon GMT. We require this time to ensure that problems such as yesterday's are not experienced again. We are going to great lengths to ensure that this new system is reliable and as such we will be making it available all subsequent hosts of Euros so they do not have to go to the lengths and expense we have.

Please be aware that no institution is exempt from re-registration. In order to ensure that the registration process is fair and accurate, we require all institutions to submit a registration on March 2nd.

Again, I would like to apologise sincerely on behalf of myself and the entire Org Comm for letting you down in this manner and to assure you that every action will be taken to ensure that the registration process will be
successful this time.

Yours Sincerely,
Nollaig O' Scannlainn.
Convenor Galway EUDC 2011

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