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7 February 2011

2nd UADC Registration update!‏

Hello Asia!

Greetings from Macau! While we are now working very hard to present you the best experience in 2nd Macau UADC, Here is the reminder for registration:

Adjudicator subsidies:
Application period--1st to 20th Feb
Quota: 15 qualified judge, 10 of them will get 100USD travel subsidies.
Please send your complete CV and a letter explaining your experience and why you need the subsidy to and, with the subject heading as "Adjudicator Subsidy: First Name Last Name".

Team Registration
Registration period--10:00am, Feb 7th---5:00pm, Feb 14th (Macau Time: GMT+8)
Team cap: 120 team
Institution cap: 3 teams
Adjudicator rule: N1 rule will be enforced.
Registration fees: 200 USD/person

Independent Adjudicator
Registration period--10:00am, February 7---5:00 pm, March 14 (Macau Time: GMT+8)
Registration fees: 200USD/person

For further details:
Please visit our website:

See you all in Macau!

Best Regards,
Nicole Ng
2nd UADC

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