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19 January 2011

Rivera'11 invitation‏

We the members of debate society VIT, take immense pleasure in inviting you to our event NATIONAL YOUTH CONFERENCE to be taking place as one of the biggest events of the International cultural and sports fest RIVIERA’11 .

The key points worthy of notice are:

1. Significance: for most of us debating is a passion for the other few debating is fighting for a cause... this conference is a platform for both!!!!

2. Date : 31st January 2011.

3. Venue: VIT University. Vellore.

4. The agenda: KASHMIR : focus being on the major debates of past and present.

5. The format: will be on the lines of a youth parliament with a few changes in the proceedings in the house only to enhance the quality of debate and to appreciate the difference of opinion. Please find an enclosed copy of the details of format with the mail.

6. The portfolios: will be allotted only after the last date of application i.e 23/01/2011.

The most exciting part being:
Cash prizes worth 35,000/- to be won!!!!

For application forms visit:

we shall look forward to your eager participation!!!

with regards,


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