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25 January 2011

McGill's Winter Carnival Results 2011

The 61st McGill annual Winter Carnival North American Invitational was held this weekend.  It was won by a Hybrid team of Brent Kettles & Joshua Seely-Harrington.

Champion: Hybrid (Brent Kettles/Joshua Sealy-Harrington)
Finalist: Hybrid (Monica Ferris/Stephen Boyle)
Semifinalist: Hybrid (Jake Liang/Sohpie Macintyre)
Semifinalist: Hart House (Sam Greene/Deirdre Casey)

Quarterfinalist: Alberta (Iain Ireland/Robert Lees-Miller)
Quarterfinalist: Hybrid (Andrew Monkhouse/Andrew Choat)
Quarterfinalist: Hybrid (Steve Penner/Romeo Maione)
Quarterfinalist: Hart House (Josh Stark/Louis Tsivilis)

Top Speaker: Stephen Boyle
Top Novice Speaker: Louis Tsivilis
Public Speech Champion: Nisha Patel

Update: Initially the post had the results of the final the wrong way around.  I've now fixed that.


  1. Colm, the winners and the finalists are reversed here. Brent and Josh won.

  2. Also, just to clarify, the York team was a hybrid between Andrew Monkhouse (a student at York's Osgoode Hall Law School) and myself (I go to the University of Waterloo) which was miss labeled in the tab as York.

  3. Andrew Monkhouse8:46 pm

    I wouldn't say 'miss labeled'... maybe a better description was that we were a Hybrid named 'York D'? Andrew's right about the schools.- Andrew Monkhouse

  4. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the clarification and apologies for the mix up. I have corrected the post.


  5. Joshua Sealy-Harrington5:31 am

    It's Joshua SeAly-Harrington, not SeEly :P

    Like the mattress brand :)

  6. Hi Joshua,
    I have fixed that. Congrats on the win.



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