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30 January 2011

Eurasian Schools Debating Championship: The Break

This is the full break from the ESDC held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Singapore (7)
South Africa (7)
Greece C (6)
Prague British School (6)
Croatia 1 (6)
Romania 1 (6)
Malaysia (6)
UAE A (5)
Slovenia A (5)
UAE B (5)
Greece A (5)
USA B (5)
Slovakia (5)
Greece B (5)
Germany Black (5)
Sweden 2 (5)

Octo-finals, quarter-finals and semi-finals are taking place on Sunday at Robert College, while the final's scheduled for Monday night, after the inaugural Eurasian Schools Council meeting.


  1. Anonymous12:03 pm

    a renaissance for singapore debate! first wudc and now this. way to go singapore!! :)

  2. Who is the winner?

  3. Anonymous4:43 pm


  4. Anonymous6:19 pm

    What are all the results? Where will they be posted?

  5. I understand they will be posted within the week. Indeed, Singapore won the tournament in a 4:3 split in the final against Greece C. Semi-finalists were South Africa and Croatia 1. I'll post the tab here as soon as the organizers release it :)

  6. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Thank you sounds great


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