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3 January 2011

ESL top speakers

Top ESL speakers ar Worlds

1 Filip Dobranic (Ljublijana A)
2 Maya Cimmerman (Ljublijana A)
3 Rob Honig? (Leiden B)
4 Michael Saliba (Stuttgart A)
5 Patrick Ehmann (Berlin A)

Source #WUDC on Twitter


  1. Anonymous9:32 pm

    So since he didn't win both again this year is it no longer an equity violation to point out that Filip is not EFL as he claimed for the last 2 years.

  2. Oh give it a rest. The EFL/ESL qualification team at worlds has reviewed this every time he competed.

  3. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Filip is the best ESL speaker in the world. Lets celebrate that and stop the sour grapes that emerge every time he does well. Get over yourself and recognise his talent.


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