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2 January 2011

ESL & EFL Semi Finals

ESL This house would prefer that the children of racial minorities be adopted by parents of that race

ESL Semi 1: Stuttgart A v Leiden B v Ljubljana A v Ljubljana C
ESL Semi 2: Utmara B v Haifa A v Lahore A v UCTI A

EFL Motion: This house supports a one state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

EFL Semi 1:  Dikti A v Venezuela B v Zagreb A v Venezuela A
EFL Semi 2: Belgrade B v Tokyo B v GajahMada A v Indonesia B

(Sorry for the delay in posting.  I was away for a couple of hours)


  1. Gulraiz Khan4:27 pm

    It's Lahore A in ESL Semi 2, not Lamore.

  2. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Great motions!

  3. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Great motions? Really? Uninspired, recycled, and with massive commonalities throughout.

  4. Anonymous5:24 pm

    If you're going to post anonymously, could you at least post nice things? Also, suck it.

  5. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Also I should add that last year had two outround motions that were very similar - one about not allowing rehab schemes that "treat" gayness and one about not allowing surgeries to change people's races. No one complained then.

  6. Niall6:31 pm

    Anonymous @5.38 PM (presumably the same person who posted above giving out about people posting snide remarks anonymously, which is somewhat undermined by then making snide remarks about Koc's motions), that's just not true, there was a lot of muttering and giving out about the similarity of those motions at Koc last year. Big problem with this year's motions isn't the quality so much as the fact that so many of them have apparently been run at Australian competitions over the past few months. Bit dodge, like.

  7. Is there a video of the ESL Semi final with Stuttgart?


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