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1 January 2011

Break Rounds Draw

If the break teams and order is correct (and at this point I believe it is) then the pairings for the octo finals is as follows


  1. Anonymous12:47 am

    Team 22 is Alaska D, not Alaska B

  2. Anonymous12:47 am

    are the team positions already decided in terms of OG, CG etc..? (also colm I want to thank you for helping to provide excellent coverage)

  3. Except the positions (OG etc), right?

  4. No the positions were from last year's octo final draw and I should have deleted them from the excel file before exporting it. I have fixed that (and Alaska).

    The position draw will be held immediately before the Octo finals.

  5. Anonymous12:53 am

    Thought teams usually drew positions secretly, rather than have then randomly allocated?

  6. Yes they will draw the positions immediately before the octo finals

  7. Anonymous2:24 am

    Wow, I would not want to be in that last Octo... Hart House, with the 2nd most speaks on 20 points (behind only Oxford A), Monash C (includes a former WUDC GF'ist), Sydney B (an 18 point team only in name, due to a strong start and tough finishes, who won like 3 IV's in a row in the lead up to Worlds, and are probably a mile ahead on speaks for the 18 point teams), and Melbourne A, who were on 15 points after 6 rounds, and lucked out in the tough last 3 rounds. That's by far the toughest room I can see, and the Qrt it leads into looks awful as well. Sometimes the quirks of the draw just do not favour you.

  8. Anonymous7:43 am

    Who is the former GFist in Monash C?

  9. Anonymous8:39 am

    Ravi. Plus Kiran was 3rd best speaker at the last Australs. I think they've won a few IV's too... a ridiculous Octo room.

  10. Anonymous8:43 am

    And if they win, they have a possible match up with Sydney A and ANU A (who just broke first at WUPID). Tough bracket.

  11. Anonymous10:06 am

    ...why not NUS A instead of Sydney A or ANU A?

    NUS A DID just win WUPID, after all. This means that they beat Syd A in the final, and possibly ANU A at some point in the break.

  12. Anonymous10:09 am

    ^ NUS A beat ANU A in the semis of WUPID.

    Let's not count them out of the quarters just yet. :)

  13. Anonymous10:23 am

    NUS "won" the GF too... I'm not putting alot of stock in WUPID finals, but sure, they could get up... what's the back story for their speakers?

  14. Anonymous12:13 pm

    NUS A have won practically every IV they've been to this semester.

    But, fine, these are all IVs in SE Asia, and there's no doubt they're the best Asian team on the circuit at the moment.

    I guess people have their views about the WUPID final, but the fact that a panel of relatively experienced judges thought they won, and the fact that they were able to break at worlds (seeded for the quarters too) says that they should have reasonable chances at making it through.

    Also, Mhairi Murdoch, who was in the GF at Assumption, is on Cambridge C.

    I think that aside from Sydney A, no other team in that room has a more than fair shot at advancing.

  15. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Relatively experienced? I guess we have different understandings as to what constitutes a decent panel then. But sure, the panel was right up there with one of next years DCA's.

    It's a decent room, anything can happen, I think the 8th Octo is the worst though. Just on past form for the other teams, I wouldn't pick NUS to come out of that room, but who knows.

  16. Anonymous11:11 pm

    How did NUS do at Australs in recent years?

  17. Anonymous2:10 pm

    NUS came through unanimously. :)

    It may be time to revise your expectations.

  18. Anonymous2:26 pm

    @ Anon 10:42 PM:

    The problem with using the "past form" of other teams to make an inference about who might come through OF2 is that this "past form" is based on performance at tournaments which NUS A weren't at.

    It's really hard to say that team X is better than team Y when you don't even know how good team Y is.


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