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31 December 2010

WUDC 2011 Round 9 motion

The motion for round 9 of the 2011 World Debating Championships is

This house believes that social movements should use the courts rather than the legislature to advance social change

Live coverage of three of the rooms can be found at   Sydney D v Sydney C v Cambridge A v Oxford C  Cornell B v UCD L&H A v Pennsylvania A v Alberta A  Monash E v Leiden B v UCCPhil v UBC A
Well done again to idebate for the live feed

Things are running late in Botswana.  I'll try to find out what that does to the break announcement.  However I'm back from a quick trip to Cork to meet friends and drop my sister in law to the airport so now whatever time it is announced we'll be on line here until it's announced to keep you updated.


  1. Anonymous8:09 pm

    It seems to have become very quiet over there in Botswana.......

  2. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Another motion very like ones from Australian tournaments last month


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