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30 December 2010

WUDC 2011 Round 6 Motion

The motion for round 6 of the 2011 World Debating Championships is

This house would deny Teachers Unions the right to strike

Live coverage of three of the rooms can be found at Wikfrid B v Standford C v Colgate A v Aberystwyth A Japan Vs Malaysia and USA vs Quatar Queensland B v Grovecity B v McGill B v Melbourne E

Well done again to idebate for the live feed


  1. Bleeugh4:37 pm

    Any chance we could, you know, watch a good debate?

  2. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Did you watch every debate thoroughly to determine that none of them were good, or did you just glance at the names of the schools in each debate before making that silly comment?


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