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5 December 2010

Nigerian Bid Proposal for PAUDC 2011‏

Hello Everyone

Please find attached our Bid proposal for 2011 Pan African University Debating Championship.

The motivation behind this bid is coming from the true spirit of our great heroes in Africa and the need to collaborate and network with each other. It is unfortunate that we lack the true spirit of Pan Africanism in todays young people. Today's youth are fighting for self and not for what Pan- Africa represent.

If you really want a fair participation, representation and integration of all Africans in this umbrella called PAUDC. This is a serious and compelling bid you have to support. We are not here for ethnocentric minds. We are saying that we are the best qualified to host Africa PAUDC in 2011.

Nigeria, Ghana, Sierraleoane, Liberia and Cameroun are all behind this bid and we have agreed to unite and work together in one committee to see our people partake in this noble project. If you support us, you are supporting young leaders in West Africa and Africa. You are supporting the liberation of the minds of our youth who have been suffering from long years of militarization. This is a project to help our region create an OPEN society. Our youth needs this and all Africa needs to integrate into each other's culture.

This is the time for all Africa to learn about West African culture. How many of you know about a soup called "Afam soup" . How many know about "Ekpe"masquerade dance, How many of you know about peculiarities of these cities like Lagos, Accra, Monrovia, Freetown, Younde, Banjul, Dakar e.t.c This is the time to learn about other cultures and you have to stand for what is right and support this bid.

Our team was not able to travel to Namibia to present this bid because they couldn't access South African transit visa. They were stopped at the airport en-route Windhoek. We have to work together to improve PAUDC and we have all the needed organizational ability and personnels needed to organize the best event in the history of the championship. We have assembled the best professionals and people equal to this task.

One of our aim is to use this event to develop the organizational skills of most students in Africa by providing some tips on event and project management. Don't be surprise to receive some training on project management and fundraising on any of the event days.

This bid is not all about regional rivalry, but all about one continent, one people and one- Africa!

We hope that in true spirit of Pan- Africanism, our brothers from Zimbabwe would reason with us and support this bid. The History between South African countries especially Zimbabwe and Nigeria is very strong. Check your liberation struggles and the first country who spent millions of Dollars to support your course is Nigeria. We used that same spirit to allow Namibia to host 2010 event and we expect the same this time around.

Support us today and guarantee a strong future for the continent.


Jerry C. Nwigwe
National Coordinator
Nigeria Debate Movement
Convener- PAUDC 2011 Bid

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