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8 December 2010

Moscow Open 2010

7th international debating tournament Moscow Open 2010 took place on 4-5 December 2010 at MGIMO (Moscow Institute of International Relations).

The winners are "Kool-Aid" (Kiev, Ukraine) - Natalya Kulikovskaya and Kateryna Yablochkova

Best speaker was Linas Vastakas.

Moscow Open 2010 motions
R1 - THW make bosses criminally liable for the corruption of their subordinates
R2 - THW introduce quotas limiting migrtion to overpopulated areas
R3 - TH regrets the existence of WikiLeaks
R4 - THW require paid parental leave to be shared equally between both parents
R5 - THW ban the advertising of non-FMCG using human images
Semi - THBT China should bring about regime change in North Korea
Final - THW ban all alcohol without exceptions in Russia

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