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31 December 2010

Main Break

I have listened back to the announcement and it breaks up where I was missing some teams but has a more complete list that fills in the blanks

1 Monash A 24
2 Sydney A 22
3 Cambridge A 21
4 Oxford C 21
5 TCD Hist B 21
6 Oxford A 20
7 Hart House A 20
8 Cambridge B 20
9 Durham A 20
10 Monash C 20
11 Oxford D 20
12 Sydney D 20
13 Sydney C 19
14 Monash B 19
15 NUS A 19
16 Alaska A 19
17 Kings Inns A 19
18 ANU A 19
19 UCD Law A
20 Yale A 19
21 ANU B 19
22 Alaska B 19
23 Sydney B 18
24 LSE A 18
25 Oxford B 18
26 Melbourne A18
27 UNSW A 18
28 Yale C 18
29 McGill A 18
30 Vermont B 18
31 Cambridge C 18
32 TCD Hist A 18


  1. Anonymous11:34 pm

    5th was TCD Hist B

  2. NUS A broke 17th

  3. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Who is on TCD B?

  4. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Hart House A broke on 20.

  5. And TCD Hist B were on 21 points.

  6. Anonymous11:44 pm

    32 teams break right?

  7. Yes 32. But I missed a few due to breaks in the live stream

  8. Think the last one *may* have been TCD Hist A...
    But very tentatively so.

  9. Were Catherine and Niamh TCD Hist B Then? Any idea who was on UCD Law A? I think it was either Mark and Christine or Dearbhail and Dearbhla.

  10. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Any news about Princeton?

  11. Catherine and Niamh were Hist B
    And The Dearbhs were Law A

  12. If Cambridge A finished on 24, that probably means that Oxford C should be in there somewhere since they were in there last room.

  13. Anonymous11:59 pm

    20 point teams began at 6th (or 7th spot at the latest), and stopped at 12th. 13th-22nd were all on 19. The rest were on 18 (well, I assume 32nd was too, couldn't hear it.

  14. Great news for the two Dearvs!! Well done to Catherine & Niamh and Casey and Rooney and indeed all the other teams that broke and hard luck to those that didn't!

  15. This just in (and confirmed by the team themselves):

    NUS A broke 15th on the main break. Which means Kings Inn A probably broke 17th as reported.

    Apologies for the confusion.

  16. I think we have the full list now.

  17. Anonymous12:12 am

    Is TCD Hist A, Anthony & Kate?

  18. Anonymous12:14 am

    how can I find out who is on a team that broke?

  19. Anonymous12:21 am

    Woohoo! C'mon Mhairi and Natalie!

  20. TCD Hist A is Anthony and Kate

  21. Anonymous12:40 am

    Alaska B is actually Alaska D

  22. Anonymous12:47 am

    news about Princeton? yeah they cant debate for shit and host an incredibly horrific tournament. are they in the break OF course not. Bravo Oxford teams!

  23. Anonymous4:54 am

    NUS is the new pride of Asia. sorry Ateneo!

  24. Anonymous6:09 am

    @ Anon (4:54 AM): That's harsh. And I hardly think you speak for the region. But, calling a spade a spade, Ateneo do seem to have lost their polish since their big names left (jess lopez, bobby benedcto, eleanor uy, leloy, etc). And NUS do seem to be on an upswing. Bottomline: we should be happy for NUS, but not so at anyone else's expense.

  25. Anonymous8:06 am

    Yay Yale x 2... Sad that there were no other APDA teams in the break. Does anyone know why Yale is historically the most consistent APDA team? (Yes, Harvard got to the final twice w/ one of the speakers being the same... but Yale has had two teams break since Dublin, I think, while no other APDA team is close to that record.

  26. Anonymous9:10 am

    Asia gets 1/32 of the break teams, an unusually good year for them... why are we holding them back with a mere 1/4 DCA's? Surely they deserve more.

  27. Anonymous2:18 pm

    I think it's clear why there have never been many APDA teams in the break, but that's not really your question. I know this year Yale hired a BP coach (Alex Worsnip, I believe?) Historically though, I think Yale takes Worlds more seriously than other APDA teams, always sending pretty much their 6 best debaters. Also, Yale generally performs better than a lot of other APDA teams in APDA too.

  28. Bob Nimmo5:34 pm

    Anonymous 9:10

    I'm not sure what point you are trying to make. Perhaps you might elaborate?

    But the idea that DCA slots should be handed out based on country or region composition of previous open breaks strikes me as grossly missing the point of DCAs.

    On a lighter note, congratulations to all 56 breaking teams, commiserations to those who just missed out.

  29. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Bob, not sure if you realised or not but it seems to me that Anon 9.10 was being sarcastic and was asking why we bother giving a DCA slot at all to someone from Asia, when generally speaking, Asian debating isn't really of the same standard as IONA, North America and Australasia.

  30. Anonymous8:47 pm

    TCD hist B is Anthony and Kate no?

  31. Anonymous10:46 pm

    5:34. I think you'll find only 32 teams broke.

    Right on 6:38.

  32. Anonymous11:23 pm

    The proximate reason why Yale does better than other APDA schools is because Yale cares more about success in BP. The underlying reason is that Beth O'Connor went to Cambridge, did very well at British debate, and then went back to Yale and convinced the rest of the world to take Yale seriously. It's hard for other APDA schools to devote a lot of effort to mastering a new style when faced with the possibility that, even if they do, they'll encounter an attitude like the one expressed above towards Princeton.

  33. Anonymous12:35 am

    At some top APDA schools there is even some hostility towards BP. I, and several other international students with extensive BP experience were dismissively told that the team would not support us competing in BP tournaments besides Worlds. We're discouraged from practicing!

  34. Bob Nimmo5:55 pm

    Colm - apologies for continuing this.

    Anon 10:46 - nope, pretty sure 32 + 16 + 8 = 56. Check again. Not to be arsey, but I'm not totally unfamiliar with how the breaks at WUDC work.

    Anon 6:38 - I hope they are not suggesting that, but yes, that was my suspicion - I just wanted to check before assuming they were saying something I regard as stupid and missing the point of Adjudication teams. The fact that teams from one region only make up a small percentage of the open break still seems to me to have very very little bearing on where DCAs should be appointed from whether you are arguing for inclusion or exclusion. So I fail to see the relevance of their comment and would still appreciate elaboration.

    Speaking personally, I've lost track of how many CAs and DCAs I've worked with, but it's into triple figures - the ones with impressive debating CVs aren't always (or even often) the best ones.

    As a side note - I'm not sure who the "we" is in "we bother giving a DCA slot at all to someone from Asia" - my invitation to the worldwide conspiracy seems to have gone missing. I'm a UK debater, a European debater and that's about it. Unless one of those groups secretly runs DCA selection, I think the idea of an us of everyone bar Asia and a them of Asian debaters is ridiculous.

  35. Anonymous9:36 pm

    So, you're saying 32 teams broke.

  36. Bob Nimmo4:16 pm


    Anon 9:36pm - no. I'm saying (said some days ago in fact)

    "Bob Nimmo said... On a lighter note, congratulations to all 56 breaking teams, commiserations to those who just missed out.
    5:34 PM"

    and pointing out to Anon 10:46pm that I was not in error to congratulate 56 teams and meant exactly what I wrote.

    I find it hard to see where the difficulty is here.

  37. Anonymous9:36 am

    Maybe it would make more sense to congratulate the top 256 teams then?

  38. Bob Nimmo12:41 pm

    Anon 9:36am - I fail to see why. If you have a point to make, it'd be great if you could get round to making it.

    However, if you are just saying that I should run all future personal congratulations past a committee of anonymous commentators to make sure I don't confuse any of you, then frankly, *no*.

    Since this thread has now run faaaaar beyond the necessary and isn't the point of the post or my original comment, I'm off (unless you actually do have a point to make...)


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