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14 December 2010

BW2011 : Training Materials and Adjudication Test!

Greetings Participants of Botswana Worlds!

Only 12 days away! Can you feel it? It is *almost* here!

At this stage all of you should have entered your personal details on the registration system and read the Botswana Worlds Survival Guide (on the front page of our website). We need that information to finalize catering and accommodation details, and you need the Survival Guide information to ensure you have everything you need once you get to Bots. 

Training Materials

We've edited the training material used at Koc Worlds (thank you Koc Adjudication team!) and will be using them as the official Speaking and Adjudicating Reference material for Botswana Worlds 2011. If you are speaking at the tournament, it's a good idea to take a look at the Speaker's Briefing. If you are judging at the tournament, please do take a look at the Judges Briefing. You can visit to download the briefings.

While we will be doing a briefing at Worlds, we are going to assume that everyone has read and understood these materials. We will NOT be discussing these documents in detail at Worlds.

We will also be publishing a debate video accompanied by an adjudication. For that, you will have to wait just a little bit longer.

Adjudication Test

The adjudication test will be held online on from the 18th of December. A detailed guide on the adjudication test will be published just before the test goes online, but briefly - adjudicators will be required to watch a debate video and then write answers to a series of questions. You will have 5 days to complete the test. It is MANDATORY for ALL judges to take the adjudication test. 

We appreciate that many of the judges are busy individuals and that watching a debate video online may not always be the most pleasant experience. However doing the test online gives us more time to properly evaluate your responses and allows us to use time at the tournament more efficiently thus ensuring a smoother tournament makes everyone happy!

See you in Botswana!



Chief Adjudicator
World Universities Debating Championships 2011

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