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19 December 2010

BW2011 : Sample Adjudication and Adjudication Test

Greetings from Sunny Botswana!

The Adjudication team of Botswana Worlds have put up two videos for
your viewing pleasure.

A) Sample Adjudication (This House Support Organ Trading for Profit)

Follow the link above to find a video and written adjudication. The
adjudication of the debate is modelled after the adjudication test. We
strongly advise judges who have questions about adjudication to watch
this video and read the adjudication review. If you are concerned
about what we expect from judges from the adjudication test, watch the
video and read the sample adjudication

B) Adjudication Test

There are 3 sections to the test
Section A - Personal details. Please state all your conflict information here.
Section B - General questions about WUDC debating. Answers all 16 True or False
Section C - Judgment and reasoning of Video Test Debate. Please adhere
to the Word limits for every question. If may be a good idea to write
your answers in a word document then cut and paste them into the
online form (in case you lose the connection).

(you shouldn't need a password to watch the video. If you do, the
password is "debating")

We want adjudicators to complete this test sooner rather than later.
If you can do it today, please do. The last day you have to complete
the test is the 23rd of December. If you do not provide us with a
reason why you cannot do it by then, and do not complete the test that
most likely means you are an unreliable judge.

If you are Not Judging at Botswana Worlds, DO NOT take this test! If
you are judging, you MUST take this test.

• Tests should also do be done by yourself, alone. There should be NO
collusion / discussion with anyone else. Judges who cheat are not
trustworthy or professional judges.
• Do not talk about the tests. Do publicize / share / discuss your
thoughts about the debate / test with anyone.

Have fun!

The Adjudication Team
World Universities Debating Championships 2011

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