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6 November 2010

The Macau North-East Asian Open 2010

The University of Macau (UMAC) successfully hosted this year's North-East Asian Debate Open 2010 (NEAO), from 29th October to 1st November, in the increasingly important emerging Asian debate-nation of China, in Macau. 100 teams from Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau competed in 5 BP Preliminary Debate Rounds. The debaters and adjudicators were treated to great hospitality from the students of the University of Macau, a Halloween Break Party, the famed Macau-made egg tarts, and a Championship Dinner of Portuguese food at a cutely named restaurant called "Dumbo". The weather was a very cool and refreshing 20 Celsius.

Besides the treats which the participants enjoyed, the debating activities were ably managed by the Organising Committee led by Ms Flora Pan. Chief Adjudicator, Ms Nicole Ng, seamlessly mustered the combined young adjudication talents of the 4 DCAs Ah Young Kim (Korea), Andrew Nishizaki (Japan), Sandeep Chulani (Hong Kong) and Zhengbo (China) to provide fair and competent adjudication for all the debaters. Logan from Chung Ang University, Korea, and Loke Wing Fatt from SAID, Singapore, were the two invited VIP judges.

In the Grand Final, Underwood College Team 1 of Yonsei University in Korea, comprising Ms Nurliana Kamaruddin & Mr Wonjoon Jang, were the unanimous Champions. They overcame 3 other top Korean debate teams in an all-Korean Grand Final, reminiscent of last year's edition. The motion in the Grand Final was: This House believes that drug addicts should only be eligible for social welfare under condition of rehabilitation.

Taiwan's Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages in Kaohsiung will host next year's NEAO 2011.

University of Macau will be hosting the most prestigious Asian debate tournament called the 2nd United Asian Debating Championships 2011 next May 2011.

The full results of the UMAC NEAO 2010 are given below:

Winner: Underwood 1 from Korea Ms Nurliana Kamaruddin & Mr Wonjoon Jang

Best Speaker in the Grand Final: Ms Nurliana Kamaruddin

Runners-Up :
Hanyang 3 (Dong Kyu Lim & Geon Sub Shin),
KU 2(Junbin Yun & Moonyeol Lee),
EDIS 1 (Heejin An & Hannah Jung)

KU 1 (Junbin Yun & Moonyeol lee)
HKU 1 (Amanda Slocum & Alfred, Siu Hong Yu)
TFSU 1(Wan Qing He & Yu Ma)
UM 1( Emmanuel & Song Wei Xian)

PKU 1 (Shiyi Dong & Bao Jia Tan)
Hanyang 1 (Soo Jin Park & Cho Sung Hyun)
IPM 1 (Cici, Liu Si Si & Alex, Geng Chao)
NEUQ 1 (Xu Shengyu & Ma Jing)
TOKYO 2(Akira Kato & Takashi Iwai)
CITYU 1 (Ken, Kin Hang Li & Jacky, Hon Cheung Lam)
ICU 1 (Keita Takayanagi & Hiroyuki Ikeda)
CAU 1 (Kim NamChul & Ki Wook Kim)

EFL Winner: NUDT 1 (Deng Yiqi & Qu Jingwen)

EFL Runners-Up:
KYOTO 1 (Zhang Haichong & Takimoto Riko)
TOKYO 3 (Toshinari Ishikawa & Kazushige Yoshimaru)
ICU 2 (Taichi Kohatsu & Miyuki Orito)

10 Top Best Speakers:
1.Nurliana Kamaruddin
2.Wonjoon Jang
3.Heejin An
4.Hannah Jung
5.Junbin Yun
6.Moonyeol Lee
-Keita Takayanagi
8.Minkyung cho
9.Hyewon Rho
10.Bao Jia Tan

R1: THBT parents whose children are grossly obese should be penalized for child abuse.
R2: THBT China should support United Nation sanctions on North Korea.
R3: THBT energy companies of developed countries operating in developing countries should adhere to the environmental standards of their countries of origin.
R4: THBT EU should sanction its members for denying practice of religious freedom in public.
R5: THW ban beneficiaries of public welfare from entering casinos.
EFL Semi: THW allow the Taliban to join the elections as a legitimate party.
EFL Final: THBT Nobel Peace Prize should only be awarded in recognition of individuals who have already brought peace.
Quarter-Final: THBT African Union should monitor and be responsible for the security in Somalian waters.
Semi-Final: THW shut down websites of political bloggers that spread lies.
Grand-Final: THBT drug addicts should only be eligible for social welfare under condition of rehabilitation.

Best Regards,

Nicole Ng
Chief Adjudicator
North-East Asian Open 2010
University of Macau

loke wing fatt
Lifetime Honorary Coach/Advisor
University of Macau English Debate Team & Society
Society for Associated Inter-Tertiary Debaters (SAID)

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  1. KU 2 in the final was comprised by Minkyung Cho and Hyewon Rho, the other two were in the semi's.



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