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7 November 2010

The Inaugural Hong Kong Debate Open 2010 (HKDO)

The Inaugural Hong Kong Debate Open 2010 (HKDO 2010) was held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU), Hong Kong, from 23rd to 25th Oct 2010. Organised by the English Debate Team of HKPU, this is the first-ever international English BP debating event in Hong Kong. It attracted 60 teams from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Macau, Singapore, Qatar and Hong Kong.

All the 6 BP Preliminary Rounds and the Quarter Finals were held at the Main Campus of the HKPU. The Semi-Finals and Grand Final were held at the Hong Kong Community College where 250 Hong Kong high school students were invited to witness the Final Rounds as part of the Hong Kong Government's efforts to expose students to the academic sport of debating.

In the Grand Final, ICU Team A unanimously defeated HKU Team D, Kagama Team A and HKPU Team A to hoist the Champions' Trophy. The Best Speaker of the Grand Final was Mr Toshiaki Ikehara from ICU Team A. The Best Speaker of the Tournament was Mr Alfred Yu from HKU Team B.

The CA was Sharmila Pramanand, who was assisted by Tab Director, George Chen, and 5 DCAs, Zhengbo, TJ, Josh Martin, Kevin Li and Loke Wing Fatt, who also acted as the Advisor to the HKDO 2010 Organising Committee.

From all accounts, the debaters, judges and coaches had their money's worth. The tournament was on time, the social events were full of verve and vim, and the Championship Dinner served some of the best Cantonese food people had ever had, while being entertained by a spontaneous, random "variety show" by the some of the convivial participants.

Many thanks to the Convenor, Jasmine Tam, and her gang of merry persons, including Crystal, Phoebe, Giovanni, Esther, Joyce, Alice, George, Anson, Carrie and Willa for a great job in hosting a memorable inaugural international debate event in Hong Kong for the Asian debating community.

We look forward to another international debate in Hong Kong in the year 2011. The debate motions for the event are below:

HKDO 2010 Motions
Round 1: This house would force corporations to produce advertisement that feature only people who represent the region they are advertising in.
Round 2: This house believes that awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo will harm the human rights situation in China rather than improve it.
Round 3: This house would not allow law enforcement officers to impersonate minors online to entrap pedophiles.
Round 4: This house would ban artificial reproductive technologies (such as IVF, Sperm banks, surrogacy, etc.) to force people to adopt.
Round 5: This house would recruit rebel soldiers into state armies once conflicts are concluded.
Round 6: This house believers that in the event of natural disasters in areas prone to those disasters, the state should only provide reconstruction aid to people that agree to relocate to safer areas.

Semi Final: This house would subject religions to anti-gender-discrimination laws.

Grand Final: This house support the violent removal of corrupt officials by citizens in the weak democracies.

loke wing fatt
Advisor, HKDO 2010 Organising Committee
Society for Associated Inter-Tertiary Debaters (SAID)

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