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2 November 2010

Edinburgh IV‏

The first Scottish tournament of the season was held by the Edinburgh Debating Society on the 24th of October. It was won by Monash B (Will Jones and Andrew Fitch). Other teams in the final were: Oxford RP (Melanie Pope and Scott Ralston), St Andrews A (James Beadle and Farhan) and GUU B (John McKee and Krum). The top speaker was Will Jones.
The motions were:
Round 1: THB that university graduates should pay the cost of their university education through a graduate tax.
Round 2: THB that if the biological father is willing and able to raise the future child, he should have the right to prevent the abortion.
Round 3: THB that the EU should recognise an independent state of Palestine.
Round 4: THW subsidise companies for the employment of ex-convicts.
FINAL: THB that states should have to re-ratify all international treaties every 25 years.

Judging the final were: Leela Koenig (C), Gavin Illsley, Vicky Smith, Ewan MacDonald, Kirsty Russell, Sarah Beverstock and David Norris.

We hope to see many of you at the Scottish Weekend in Edinburgh and St. Andrews from February 4-6!!

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