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7 October 2010

World Debate Forum News

Dear all,

As the autumn approaches Seoul and the wind gets more chilly, we are looking
forward to the Botswana WUDC and the World Debate Forum ever more than
before, anxious to get where there is warmth =]

1. Presenters Attend for free!
2. Topics online now
3. Venue updates
4. How to Register

1. Presenters Attend for free!
The Open Society Foundations has graciously agreed to sponsor the registration fee for Presenters and Meetings organizers. This means that if you can't afford (or are too stingy) to pay 100 USD to change the world through debate, write up an interesting proposal for a presentation or meeting and submit it to use before the deadline! Visit this page to find out more.

The only caveat is, the advisory committee will evaluate your submission to ensure it rocks. So if we only get 2 ideas for meetings, it doesn't mean both of them will be accepted! So submit away! In fact, send 4 proposals now!

2. Topics online now!
We've had a few people posting on the forum so far, and I'd like to think we've had quality if not (yet) quantity. Visit the website to see what's going on and suggest your ideas. It's a way to get involved in the discussion even if you're not going to be there. Who knows, we may even generate a few proposals for Worlds Council in Botswana this year. Here's a sample of what's on the forum now:

3. Venue updates
We still don't have a venue but we are closer! We're trying as hard as possible to give you as much as possible for 100 USD (which we have discovered is very little for a 3-day forum!) but we are getting there. We are in negotiation with local schools to host the conference part of the forum and in 4th stage negotiations with a hotel.

4. How to Register
Some people were surprised they had to register and pay for the forum. We're good, but we're not that good folks. If you want to attend, sign up online and follow the directions to pay (which will be emailed to you after you register). They payment is 100 USD, payable via Paypal. We make no profit from this forum, are not paid, and probably will be working too much to enjoy it. 

That's all for now. If you have questions, email us at or visit our website!

Ahyoung Kim
Communications and Registration
World Debate Forum

Chief Adjudicator
World Universities Debating Championships 2011

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