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20 October 2010

Botswana Worlds 2011 : Registration Update, 18th October

Sent on behalf of the registration team
Dear Botswana Worlds Participants:
We have published the latest list of registered teams on our website (front page,  Please check it over with care and make sure we have your details correctly.  If your institution is highlighted in yellow it means you have a deficit or there are problems processing your payment.

1) you have a deficit in your account of over 100 USD.  If you have obtained our consent to pay this amount upon arrival in Botswana just ignore it.  If not, please get in touch with us right away to solve the problem.
2) there are problems with your payment and our bank has confirmed with us that no money has been received.  Again, if you are in communication with us you probably know if this pertains to you and we are working on the situation
3) you have been granted an extension and have not yet paid.
Remember, all teams that have not paid and have been granted an extension have until Nov. 1 for us to RECEIVE the payment.  If we don't have the payment in our bank account by then you will be dropped with no opportunity for any kind of recourse.  Please don't request extensions past November 1.  They will not be granted.  We've done all we can to be really accommodating and as much as it pains us to do so we will not honor any payments made after November 1.
Also, there have been some teams who cannot come due to costs of flights.  Let me reiterate that all deposits are non refundable and our policy was NO REFUNDS of any kind for all payments made after the close of step one of registration (some 2 months ago).  Therefore, any requests of refunds will be taken at our discretion and no promises can be made.  Any refunds to teams dropping out after full payment has been made will be processed AFTER Worlds.  Remember, we have a budget and all registration money has already been spent on the expectation of your coming to Botswana, so our hands are tied here. 
As always, if we have made a mistake we apologize and if you kindly email us with details to grahamsowa @ and registration @ we will fix your problem straight away.  We have been doing our best to maintain a 24 hour reply policy with all emails and hope you appreciate our efforts to keep communication open.
All our best,
Botswana Worlds 2011 Registration Team

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