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22 September 2010

Botswana Worlds 2011 : ALL teams on Wait List APPROVED!


We are promoting all teams on the wait list. So every institution on the waiting list, regardless of your order, can now get more teams into the tournament.

This means
- Institutions waitlisted with no teams approved now have all their teams approved
- Institutions who were allowed one team are now allowed to send more
- Institutions who have fully paid for 3 teams but want to send more can apply - by writing in and indicating an interest to do so (see below)
- Institutions who have not yet registered for the tournament but want to now can do so - by writing in and indicating an interest to do so (see below)


1. All institutions who want to send teams should send an email to grahamsowa You should tell him
a) who you are and how many teams you currently have paid for (which we will verify)
b) how many extra teams you want
c) when you can pay for them

He will then let you know how many additional teams you can bring and after that you should initiate payment. You will be given one week from the date of approval to send money. If you don't, we will offer your spot to someone else. Do not initiate payment until Graham tells you that you can - else you may be paying for a slot that does not exist. We will not be refunding or honoring unrequested and unapproved payments.

You MUST activate your online account and upload your proof of payments there or email scanned copies to finance Payment information is available here :

When allocating extra teams we will
a) prioritize institutions who have fewer teams in the tournament over institutions with more. So those of you who were on the wait list or those of you who do not have any teams in the tournament will be prioritized. We will you a one week head-start to grab these spots - after the 29th of September institutions who already have 3 teams will be given more teams.
b) try to distribute remaining spots evenly among those who want them. So rather than giving 3 teams to one institution who already has 3 teams, we will give 1 team to 3 institutions who already have 3 teams.
c) use first come first serve. We will also be super strict with payments. The reason why we are behind our deadlines is we've been very lenient with giving extensions. But if we do not get proof of payment within a week, we will drop your team and offer that spot to another. If you pay later, that money will not be refunded to you. Neither will deposits.

2. From the 5th of October, institutions that have not registered at all for Botswana Worlds will be able to register to attend. The registration website will be opened for new registrants. The online system will tell you how many teams you have or if you are on the waiting list. If you have teams accepted, you have one week from that point to initiate payment. 

Hope this is clear. If you have questions, please email grahamsowa or finance


Chief Adjudicator
World Universities Debating Championships 2011

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