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14 July 2010

Update from Europe Debating Championships Day 1.

For those looking to follow events at the European Debating Championships here are some details:

Lots of people are using twitter live from the event.  You can find them at

iDebate are broadcasting some debates on

I have found some rankings and results but not enough to make it worth putting together a list.  If I come across a large list I'll let you know.

There were four rounds yesterday and another four today.  The break is announced tonight.


1- This House would remove all non-economic conditions of EU membership, such as geographical location or political requirements.
2- This House believes that schools should prioritize the authority of the teachers over the happiness of the pupils.
3- This House would offer increased development aid to the developing countries that accept and encourage large influxes of immigrants.
4- This House believes that social disgust is legitimate grounds for restriction of artistic expression

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