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23 June 2010

Botswana Worlds 2011 Registration Update : 604 teams, 376 Adjudicators


I'm sending this on behalf of the registration team for Botswana Worlds.

CA - Botswana Worlds

Hello everyone,

We are very happy to report that registration went smoothly and was as competitive as previous worlds - we had 300 teams registered in 94 seconds. Registration is far from complete however - many teams have not verified and activated their accounts, and we also have a few cases of what seems like duplicate registrations and mis-entered information. Phase 1 is still open and teams and independent adjudicators may still register.

We have published the list of teams that have registered below. This information is also on our website. Important to note
- while the team cap is 352, we have put aside 52 teams to ensure one team from every nation that was present at the previous Worlds is also present here, and to make allowances for nations with poor internet access
- Status Approved means you fall within the 300 team cap, Partially Approved means at least 1 of your teams is outside the cap, Waiting means you are on the waiting list.
- Independent judges should send a CV and Cover Letter to

Activation of accounts
Quite of a few of you did not get your account activation emails, and your registration is only complete when your account is activated. This is important for us to ensure you email account and data is valid. The problem is either the email ended up in your spam folder (please check your spam folder, search all folders for an email from or a mistake with the email address you entered during registration

What we would like you to do
  • Search your spam folder for this email and follow the instructions in them to activate your account.
  • If you checked your spam folder and still have not found your activation email, please look for your team name among the list of registered institutions, and email us from the email address you used to register, with all your account information (Institution name, Country, Representative information, representative phone numbers). We will then manually activate your account.
Duplicate information
There are quite a few cases of double or triple registrations. Some of these are the same person registering twice, and some of these appear to be two different people registering from the same institution. 

What we would like you to do
  • Check if anyone else has registered as your institution
  • If they have and this person is from your institution, resolve this with that person and withdraw one of the accounts. You can do this by sending an email to Choose the account you want to cancel. You cannot have two representatives for one institution
  • If someone else is claiming to be from the same institution as you, also try to resolve this with that person. This is an internal issue with your institution and we have no power other than to enforce the constitution (ie if the registration from a legitimate institution and that person can defend themselves as a legitimate representative - student etc of that institution - then we accept the registration)
  • Registrations that appear to be similar but are not owned up as being similar will be referred to the Worlds Executive to investigate if they fulfill eligibility criteria of being two separate institutions
  • You cannot change the name of your institution. 
Can I change my Registration information now?
- Yes and no. You cannot increase the number of teams or transfer your spaces to another institution. You can reduce the number of teams and correct registration information - email address, phone number, etc.

When and how will I know if I get off the Wait list?
- We will be progressively updating the list. As duplicates are removed or if teams reduce the number of teams they have registered, more spaces will be made open. We will send you an email whenever your status changes
- We will be upgrading teams who qualify based on poor internet access or because their nation is not in the top 300. We will be making those changes within the next few days.
- We will send out a public announcement after any significant change in registration and update the registration list on our website at least once a day.
- Most of the upgrading from wait list happens during stage two when deposit payments are required.

What if I want to send more judges than allowed under N-1?
- They must register as independent adjudicators and apply to the adjudication team.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation, and we hope you are as excited about Phase 2 as we are.

Registration Team, 
Botswana Worlds 2011


  1. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Why is there a team who only partially registered allowed in the full list. We could have been faster if we only filled in some of the details required.

  2. Anonymous3:46 pm

    So no Sydney, Monash or Queensland at Worlds this year?

  3. I don't know what the story is with the "partial" but in the post the org comm say it is to do with the team cap.

    There is a good chance that teams on the wait list will get in. Historically they normally get pretty far down the list as teams ahead of them drop out or reduce their takeup.

  4. Anonymous7:13 pm

    There are a number of duplicates anyway, it may well depend on whether teams on the waitlist are allocated team at a time (i.e. Limerick get 1, then x get 1 then y get 1 then... then limerick get a 2nd etc) or whether they allocate all limericks teams first and then so on. Euros did the first but were a lot less oversubscribed.

  5. Anonymous1:12 am

    The Top 300 show a total of 302 teams. This is because the last institution registered for 3 teams, and the Team Count at that point was 299, hence some teams are "Partially Approved", which means that 1 Team is approved for the institution, while 2 Teams are on wait list, eventually they'll get all three teams approved as we prune the duplicates.

    There are a lot of duplicates on the top 300 and on the wail list. Some institutions registered twice, some thrice, we hope that as we go through the tedium of catching the duplicates and deleting them many of the teams on the wait list will be promoted. In the future we would like to caution institutions not to register twice, it clogs the system, denies others an early chances, causes registration delays and just is more work for the organizing team.

    Many other institutions have started requesting to reduce the number of teams registered, this will help free up more spaces. We would also do our best to make sure we don’t return any or many teams as we move through the registration stages. We will do our best to give everyone on the wait list a chance to participate.


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