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21 May 2010

Red Sea Open - Importnant information‏

Dear Debaters,

No Tournament is a tournament without its screw-up, and we are happy to report we found ours! While we invited you all to join us at 22-26/08/2010, the truth is we would like to see you all on 29/08-02/09/2010, a week later.

The good news is, as a result of this hiccup, we shall have FREE ALCOHOL for the duration of the tournament! Free Hot Drinks- coffee, tea! If this isn't sufficient satisfaction, you are not really a debater - and you know it.

And the hotel is giving us all that for only 10 euro extra per person, so now you get Lots of parties, sun, beach, Beautiful hotel accommodation, great team of adjudicators, and…FREE ALL YOU CAN DRINK ALCOHOL!!!

However, since this is a debating tournament, and we do want you to be able to debate (or judge), we have decided to adopt the method used at worlds (with some adaptations to Israeli summer) - so free beer will be available all day long, but other alcoholic drinks will only be served after rounds are over....

We are sorry for any inconvenience, this really is an upgrade of the event in a total. We will be revealing the name of the person in charge of this problem at the tournament. There, you can blame him\her personally for what he\she has done.

Please let us know if this caused any major problems with your planning and if we can assist you in anyway


Jordan & Haya, conveners
We are sure your asking how this could have happened? The answer has to do with trying to convert between the Hebrew Calendar (in which this year is 5770) and the more common Gregorian calendar (2010 AD). A bad conversation system led to the hotel resort understanding that we plan hosting the event on the last week of August 5771 A.D. We were fine with this, but many debaters complained it didn't fit with plans they had for that time. We quickly moved the tournament 3761 years back, but a week ahead.

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