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6 May 2010

Galatasaray win Turkish Nationals

The 2010 Turkish National Debating Championships were held recently.  Here are the results:

Winner: Galatasaray B (Akın Egemen-Seda Palanduz)

Galatasaray A (Leyla Orak- Kerem Çelikboya)
Koç A (Ozan Mert Öndeş- İsmail Cem Hot)
Bilkent A (Önercan Kılıç- Gökhan Yalçın)

Best Speaker: Leyla Orak (Galatasaray A)

THBT people living in extreme poverty and hunger should conduct terrorist activities.
THW ban all restrictions on meat import in Turkey.
THW stop selling TV rights of football games on a collective basis.
THW establish single sex schools.
THW not allow big companies to unemploy workers during crisis.
THW allow prisoners to choose to decrease their sentences by accepting harsher prison conditions.
THW allow individuals to shorten mandatory military service through payment.
THW legalise cigarette and alcohol advertisements.
THW legalise the right of free movement of workers.
THW legalise death penalty.

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