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10 May 2010

Ateneo IV Results

Results of the 2010 Ateneo IV. 

Champions: UPD-A (Anna Arcellana, Aaron Chan, Pearl Simbulam)
Runners-Up: ADMU-A (Miko Biscocho, Steph Co, Ely Zosa)
Final Motion: THW abolish single-sex schools

Top Ten Speakers:
1. Miko Biscocho (ADMU)
2. Steph Co (ADMU)
3. Ely Zosa (ADMU)
4. Neha Prakash (NUS)
5. Ang Wee Jian (NUS)
6. Ces Gotamco (ADMU)
Tasneem Elias (ADMU)
Aaron Chan (UPD)
9. Wen-Yu Weng (Mahidol)
10. Khalidah Nazihah (IIU A)
Jayson Maulit (MaNila)
Jesus Falcis (2 1/2 men)
Kayleen Ortiz (UST A)

Source: allasiandebate list

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  1. tasneem8:16 am

    Tasneem Elias isnt from ADMU :) i represented IIU


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