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12 April 2010

Easters 2010 results‏

The Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships, a novice tournament affectionately known as "Easters" was hosted by the University of Melbourne in 2010.

After six preliminary rounds, and a hotly-contested finals series, the University of Sydney Union team 4 (Bronte Lambourne, Nina Ubaldi, Tom Williamson) defeated the University of Queensland team 2 (Emily Chalk, Lucy Wark, Rebecca Conrick) in a 5-2 split decision in the Melbourne Law School Grand Final on the topic "That African American celebrities should not use the term 'nigger'".

The ten best novice speakers were:
1. Dominic Bowes (University of Sydney Union)
2. Eleanor Gordon-Smith (University of Sydney Union)
3. Heydon Letcher (University of Sydney Union)
4. Daniel Higginbottom (Australian National University)
4. Bronte Lambourne (University of Sydney Union)
6. Hannah Canham (University of Adelaide)
7. Bebe D'Souza (University of Sydney Union)
8. Tom Chen (Australian National University)
9. Abigail McCarthy (University of Sydney Union)
9. Tom Williamson (University of Sydney Union)

Dominic Bowes was also the Best Speaker of the tournament.

The tournament was convened by Duncan Campbell and Daniel McNamara, and Seamus Coleman was the Chief Adjudicator. The Deputy Chief Adjudicators were Lauren Humphrey (University of Queensland) and Tim Mooney (University of Sydney).

Full results and motions are available online:

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