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5 April 2010

DCU 2010 results‏

Results of the Dublin CIty University Open 2010

Rd 1 - THB that Google should operate under China's censorship laws
Rd 2 - THW make a change to the criminal justice system that could reasonably be described as draconian
Rd 3 - THW hold the Pope criminally responsible for abuses committed by Catholic clergy
Rd 4 - THW abolish all intellectual property protection
Rd 5 - THW ban public sector workers from striking
Semis - THB the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will,is to prevent harm to others.
Final - THB the Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to Sinn Fein.

Sophie Scannell & Becky West took the Pro-Am prize

1. Gregg O'Neill & Ross McGuire
2. Paddy Rooney & Derek Doyle
3. Aengus O'Corrain & John Engle
4. Niamh McNally & Muireann O'Dwyer
5. David Hartery & Conor Kelly
6. Christine Simpson & Eoghan Casey
7. Catherine Murphy & Max Sullivan
8. Luke Ryder & Andrew Lynn

Top Speakers:
1. Ross Reid Maguire
2. Gregg O`Neill
3. Paddy Rooney
4. Eoghan Casey
5. Derek Doyle
6. Catherine Murphy
7. Muireann O'Dwyer
8. Aengus O Corrain
9. Nuala Kane
10. Hugh Burns

1P: Christine Simpson & Eoghan Casey
1O: Paddy Rooney & Derek Doyle
2P: Gregg O'Neill & Ross McGuire
2O: David Hartery & Conor Kelly

Winners: Gregg O'Neill & Ross McGuire

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